What did you think of your photos?!
“Omg  For once in my life, I didn’t look at myself and self critique. I never thought I would look the way that I did in those photos, and it truly made me feel  beautiful. They turned out so amazing and I was more than pleased with the entire experience. “

What would you tell someone about your experience if she was contemplating a shoot?
“To go for it! At first, it feels a little uncomfortable and awkward, but Brittany and Mike were so professional and sweet that you start to feel yourself loosen up, and that’s when your inner beauty really starts to shine through (of course seeing a few sneak peaks helps reassure you you don’t look half bad either). 😉 “



“I can honestly say when I saw these pictures I almost thought to myself, oh there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! And I fell in love with feeling beautiful. But this was special. And I’ll never forget loving these pictures so much, and loving myself even more. You guys are so great at capturing moments, moments you would have never thought could make a picture worth a thousand words. But I thank you guys dearly for an amazing experience. ♡” 



“My favorite parts of the shoot would have to be, getting my make up done..that’s always a fun thing to do. And the wonderful words of genuine kindness that the photographers tell you when you are shooting. Makes you believe you are the prettiest girl on the planet! “

“My experience doing this was PHENOMENAL! As I said before I have never felt so comfortable or sexy in my life. Once I got to the house, it was amazingl1BRP-17y beautiful! I walked in and everyone was so sweet. There was good music in the background and it was snowing! My makeup turned out BEAUTIFUL and we went on to take the pictures. Brittany and Mike’s directions are so easy and they are very willing to accommodate you. As a pers
on with body image issues I pushed through it and made it mine. The compliments given by both of them were unreal. I have never been told so much how stunning and beautiful I am and took it to heart. The process felt like it flew by because it was so much fun. I was already so anxious to see the pictures! I went back a week later and viewed them and WOWZA! I was blown away! It was SOOOOO difficult to pick which ones I wanted. They all were breathtaking. I was able to narrow it down and the price is super fair for what I got! I would highly recommend Bella Rosa to anyone and everyone! It was such a great experience! Thank you Brittany and Mike for the opportunity and the amazing boost of confidence!”